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Re: to' nech, 019: {jev'a'meyna'.}

From: Alan Anderson <>:
>As it is, you're annoying a bunch of people, myself included, who want
>to use the language in order to communicate.

This is a terribly narrow mindset from someone of your stature within this 
list, ghunchu'wI'; whereas I do see your PoV, think on this: English (and 
every other language in prime use on this planet) is also used "in order to 
communicate"; none of these languages are restricted to that purpose.

>Translating stacks of short, cryptic phrases -- especially translating
>them *badly* -- does not help anyone.

Disagree totally; I like the idea.  I love tlhIngan Hol (although I am not 
really good at S/R/W it), and I can not get enough of it. Perhaps the 
translations could be a little more comprehensive/complete/accurate - i will 
not disagree with that - but isn't that one of the purposes of this mailing 
list (otherwise, what is the job the BG is doing?).  Besides, as far as 
"stacks of short, cryptic phrases" are concerned -- what then is /The 
Klingon Way/?


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