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to' nech, 051-061

Corrections welcome, diatribes not.

K: ra'mey motlh tIbuSHa'rup.
Gloss: Be prepared to ignore the usual orders
Eno/Schmidt: Abandon normal instructions
[I'm curious what people think of 0-nominalizing ra' like this, since I 
don't see an attested noun for "order"; but I infer that it exists from 
{ra'ghomquv}, since a verb being part of a noun compound like this is 
something I don't think I've ever seen Klingon do; whereas it seems normal 
if you infer that {ra'} is a noun.]

K: 'oH neHlu''a'?
Gloss: Does anyone want it?
Eno/Schmidt: Would anybody want it?
[correct syntax?]

K: mob Hoch chav.
Gloss: Every achievement is on its own.
Eno/Schmidt: You can only make one dot at a time

K: yI'uchchu'!
Gloss: Grab it!
Eno/Schmidt: Make it more sensual

K: beqvaD jo' yIlan.
Gloss: Replace a crewman with a machine.
Eno/Schmidt: Mechanicalize something idiosyncratic
[I'm unsure of the choice of verb, and of the argument structure.]

K: puS Qo'! Hoch!
Gloss: Not some!  ALL!
Eno/Schmidt: Faced with a choice, do both (from Dieter Rot)
[My first attempt at clipped Klingon -- I'm not sure what one can do with 
Qo' in clipped Klingon, or where it would go.]

K: poSDaq tIyov, nIHDaq tIyov, botlhDaq tIyov
Gloss: Charge on the left; Charge on the right; Charge in the middle.
Eno/Schmidt: Left channel, right channel, centre channel

K: yItammoHpu' 'ej yIruchqa'!
Gloss: Silence it, and proceed!
Eno/Schmidt: Mute and continue

K: bong QaghqoqlIj lo'laH.
Gloss: Your "mistake" is accidentally useable.
Eno/Schmidt: Your mistake was a hidden intention

K: pay' yIQaw' 'ej yIchargh!
Gloss: Destroy suddenly, then conquer!
Eno/Schmidt: Make a sudden, destructive unpredictable action; incorporate

[The first line of each is the restored Klingon, the second my English 
gloss of the Klingon, and the third line is the Eno/Schmidt "Oblique 
Strategies" version.]
Sean M. Burke

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