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Re: Literature

Sean M. Burke wrote:
>One of these days I'll have to get out my French copy of /Le Petit Prince/ 
>and see whether I could pull off a restoration of it to Klingon.  Of 
>course, the tone would have to change completely.  Less sentimentality, 
>more stirring combat!

I did a Klingon translation (not restoration) of the discussion with the 
snake in this book, which is the least sentimental passage.  I might post 
that, but I can't imagine any book that is _less_ suited to Klingon on the 
whole.  I'm sure Antoine de Saint-Exupery would roll over in his grave at 
what a "restoration" would do to his work.  If you were to attempt that, you 
might as well write your own book outright.

Grimm's fairy tales, though, come to mind.  We all know them well enough not 
to have to work from an English text, and some of them are quite gory.


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