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Re: Literature

From: "d'Armond Speers" <>

>I was going to suggest {QIH}, it was written exactly for this
>purpose. But of course the story is incomplete, and the writing
>of my dissertation took precedence over the writing of this story.

Aha - well, I never read it complete, for I didn't get beyond 1.10, I
always fail to answer the "-'e' " questions correct...


From: "Agnieszka Solska" <>

>If I can suggest anything based on my experience with learning
>Klingon ...
>What helped me get started was "Qo'noS QonoS", though
>the QQ articles can hardly be regarded as literature.
>However, unlike Shex'pir's plays they tend to deal with
>mundane matters and you do not need a thesaurus to understand
>(most of) them. In fact, they seem quite good for building up
>vocabulary. It is perhps a pity that few people are now

Hmm - I didn't really notice QQ at all till yet - I'm going to read
through it.
With "literature" I was not necessarily refering to "higher" texts,
but simply something that can be read by beginners.

>Naturally, what was helpful to me may not be so helpful
>to other learners.

Sure, but it is at least worth a try.

>:Something like the story of the "QIH" from "pojwI' ".
>lutvam vISovbe'.

You don't know that story? Well, it is written by d'Armond Speers and
can be found in his program "pojwI'" for windows, where it is used to
help the learner using the newly aquired knowledge. It makes use of
the vocabulary that has been learned before.

I highly recommend downloading that program - itīs quite useful for
translating sentences. And itīs lessons are great - a good addition
to the TKD IMHO.

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