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(quotations from Nathan Grange <[email protected]>)

>The first thing that I thought of when I read this was Curious wIjwI'
>(Curious George) by Joel Peter Anderson.  Which I still have on my
>computer,(it is a little program which tells the story of wIjwI'
>SIvqu'taH and was made in 1995).
>If the author doesn't object and you can't get it from anywhere else,
>(eg. the author), I will send it to you.  (about 500kb)

Thanks, I found it - I'll post the link to the website, I hope the
author doesn't disapprove.

The program(as well the html-version as it looks) can be found on:
The main site adress is:
(North Star Klingon Outpost)


Before I forget - is it possible to relocate(or copy to a mirror) the
FAQ for this mailing list? The server it is currently on is blocked by
our proxy - webmail.
Sorry if I ask stupid questions, but, this looks like the FAQ:
(in fact, it is even named so)
Why isn't that one listed in the admin-mail I got when signing on?


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