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Re: to' nech, 047: {paghDaq yIghurchoHlI'}

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> K: paghDaq yIghurchoHlI'.
> Gloss: At zero, start increasing.
> Eno/Schmidt: From nothing to more than nothing

I don't usually like to combine Type 3 and Type 7 suffixes like this,
particularly the "continuous" ones.  /-qa'/ and /-choH/ already contain a
"from this point forward" meaning, so trying for a "begin increasing" or a
"resume increasing" combination doesn't sit right with me.  On the other
hand, if you were trying for a "continuously begin" or a "continuously
resume" meaning (suggesting that the beginning or resuming never quite gets
off the ground), the combination of these suffixes would be appropriate.

I'd leave it at /paghDaq yIghurchoH/ or even /paghvo' yIghurchoH/.

Stardate 2290.7

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