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Re: ba'

From: <>
> While we all know that Klingon is not the same as any Terran language and
> not have the same grammar terms applied to it, the term Aorist comes to
>  I see verbs unmarked by aspect as being rather "general."

Not knowing what "aorist" meant, I looked it up.

"type of verb in classical Greek:  a verb tense used to express a past
action in an unqualified way, without specifying whether that action was
repeated, continuing, or completed or how long it lasted, found especially
in classical Greek"

This certainly seems to describe Klingon verbs without Type 7 suffixes,
except that the Klingon verbs aren't in the past tense.  Basically, "aorist"
seems to mean "aspectless past tense," something which Klingon doesn't have,
but I agree that it's worth being aware of.

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