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ta'Hom mach

>One of these days I'll have to get out my French copy of /Le Petit Prince/
>and see whether I could pull off a restoration of it to Klingon.  Of
>course, the tone would have to change completely.  Less sentimentality,
>more stirring combat!

paqvam vImuS!  jatlh jupwI': Dun paqvam!  Huv paqvam!  vIlaD jIH. nuq vItu'? 
  DunHa'qu'!  QIpqu'!  "France" Hol chovnatlh vIlaD je.  QIp je.

wen puS, "Olsen twins"'e' ja'lu'.  chaH muqawmoH paqvam.  "cute" paq 'e' Har 
ghot law', 'ach moHqu'bej.

vuDwi' laj ghot HochHom 'e' vIpIHbe'.

DloraH:  I am unsure on the use of HochHom.  Please advise.

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