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Re: to' nech, 019: {jev'a'meyna'.}

From: "DloraH" <>

> > It would be better of Sean were to put together a Web page with
> > the sayings
> > on it, and provide us with a link to it, so that those who are
> > can view them and comment on them in private correspondence with Sean.
> He did.  That's how he started this whole thread.  But he didn't hear any
> feedback on it, so after talking with Lawrence, he decided to post them to
> the list.
> Reference his message - To'noch; 02 Apr 02, 23:45

Doch vIchupbogh ta'chugh Sean, 'ej qeS neHbe'chugh vay', qatlh ghomvamDaq
vIttlheghqoq DISaHbe'ba'bogh lab ghaH?  WebDaq DInuDqangbe'chugh, ghomDaq
DInuD wIneH qatlh 'e' Qub Sean?

<to' nech> vIbuSHa'laH jIH'e'; ngeHtaHchugh Sean, jISaHbe'taH.  Dajbej 'op.
<pay', nom, QIH!> vIparHa'.  'a vay' yajnIS ghaH: meqmeyDaj yajbe' HochHom,
'ej yajbe'wI'vaD Dochchugh Sean, batlhHa' vang Sean.

Sean: maQochbe'bej: pIj bep ghomvam po'wI'pu', 'ej pIj nI' bepbogh
jabbI'IDvamchaj.  'a bIjatlh: qImHa'laH SaHbe'bogh vay'.  qeSlIj'e' yIpab:
bepchugh vay' 'ej qeSDaj Daparchugh, yIqImHa'.  yIDoch'eghmoHQo'.

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