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Re: Literature

Christoph wrote:

:I'm wondering - is there any klingon literature
:for beginners available? Of course I know that several
:works of Shakespear have been restaured,
:but those make use of the full thesaurus.
:What I am looking for are stories(not necessarily books)
:that make use of simplified grammatics and vocabulary.

If I can suggest anything based on my experience with learning Klingon ...

What helped me get started was "Qo'noS QonoS", though
the QQ articles can hardly be regarded as literature.
However, unlike Shex'pir's plays they tend to deal with
mundane matters and you do not need a thesaurus to understand
(most of) them. In fact, they seem quite good for building up
vocabulary. It is perhps a pity that few people are now contributing.

Some pieces in "jatmey" are also (relatively) easy to understand.
And, curiously, I found "ghIlghameS" just great for learning really
basic words (Hev, lan, Qorgh, etc.)

Naturally, what was helpful to me may not be so helpful
to other learners.

:Something like the story of the "QIH" from "pojwI' ".

lutvam vISovbe'.


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