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Re: Literature

I was going to suggest {QIH}, it was written exactly for this purpose.  But 
of course the story is incomplete, and the writing of my dissertation took 
precedence over the writing of this story.

BTW, {Holqoq} is an intentional pun.  (His use of language isn't so good.)


>From: (Christoph PICHLMANN)
>Subject: Literature
>Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 15:49:32 +0200
>I'm wondering - is there any klingon literature for beginners available?
>Of course I know that several works of Shakespear have been restaured,
>but those make use of the full thesaurus.
>What I am looking for are stories(not necessarily books) that make use
>of simplified grammatics and vocabulary. I guess you know what I mean.
>The point is, although I am trying to understand klingon, I always
>fail at understanding higher sentences because I lack the knowledge of
>words. And there is almost no way to distinguish between a noun-noun
>and a noun-suffix construction unless you know the words for sure.
>(even then it is not always possible - consider the word "Holqoq" - it
>  is either the talking robot from "pojwI' " (the program) or a
>  so-called language.)
>Something like the story of the "QIH" from "pojwI' ".

d'Armond Speers

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