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RE: paqmey permey

> > KGT: ??qIb lengwI'vaD tlhIngan Hol
> Everyone falls into that trap.  You just used a Type 5 noun suffix on the
> first noun of a noun-noun construction.  TKD 3.4 makes that illegal.  The
> correct way to say this is:
> qIb lengwI' tlhIngan Hol
> Galactic Traveler's Klingon Language

In her example lengwI' is the first noun of a noun-noun?

qIb lengwI'vaD tlhIngan Hol
"(Proper) Klingon FOR those who travel the galaxy"

Your example, /qIb lengwI' tlhIngan Hol/ is a noun-noun, but this says that
the klingon is that of the traveler.  If this person travels all over the
galaxy he probably isn't fluent in klingon, therefore HIS klingon, the
"Klingon OF the galactic traveler" would not be good, proper klingon.

> > CK:  ??jawlu'meH tlhIngan Hol
> Another possibility:
> tlhIngan Hol ja'chuqlu'meH

I always thought /ja'chuq/ was /ja'/ and /-chuq/ and therefore would not
take an object.

> > PK:  ??pe'vIl jatlhlu'meH tlhIngan Hol /
> >      ?? tlhIngan Hol HoSghaj
> This one's tougher.  I like your first suggestion, but without the
> (apparently) unneeded /-lu'/:
> pe'vI' jatlhmeH tlhIngan Hol
> Klingon Language for Speaking Forcefully
> Another, maybe even better title, changes things around a bit:
> pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'meH
> In Order that One Speak the Klingon Language Forcefully

I like this one best.

/pe'vIl jatlhmeH tlhIngan Hol/ says we want to speak forcefully and were
going to achieve this by using klingon.

/pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'meH/ says we're going to speak klingon...


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