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RE: tujpu'

From: Alan Anderson
> ja' SuStel:
> >/tujpu'/ means that the state of being hot is, was, or will be complete.
> Agreed.  That's the definition of {-pu'}.
> >"Complete" does indeed imply that the state no longer is.
> However, I don't agree with this implication.  Are you're making a
> distinction between active and stative verbs?  {chenpu'} certainly doesn't
> imply to me that the thing which takes form no longer exists, and {ba'pu'}
> says nothing to me about whether or not one is still sitting.  I see no
> reason to treat {tuj} any differently from {chen} when using aspect.

I don't treat them differently.
/chen/ does not mean "exist".  It means "take form".
chenpu' - taking form is completed.
chenchoH - that point when the thing changes from doing nothing (or doing
something else) to taking form.
chenchoHpu' - the act of changing to taking form is completed.  With this
one, the thing could still be taking form, but that point when it changed
from doing nothing to taking form is completed.

tuj does not mean "heat up", it means "be hot".
tujpu' - the state of being hot is complete.
tujchoH - that period of time where the thing is warm, where it is becoming
tujchoHpu' - the period of changing from cold to hot is completed.  With
this, the thing could still be hot; that point of changing to being hot is

TKD p171 /ghorgh tujchoHpu' bIQ/ "When will the water be hot?"

When will the water finish becoming hot?  When will the changing from cold
to hot be completed?

ba' refers to occupying the chair, not just that moment when one's butt
makes contact with the chair.
ba'choH - that moment when one moves in/on to the chair.
ba'choHpu' - getting onto the chair is completed.
ba'pu' - the act of occupying the chair is completed.  If the person was
still sitting there then it wouldn't be completed.

> It looks like you're saying that {-pu'} implies {-be'choHpu'}.

To me it looks like your saying /-pu'/ implies /-choHpu'/.


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