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Re: paqmey permey

From: "Agnieszka Solska" <>
> tlhIngan Hol lo'lu'taHvIS chay' paqmeyvam muchmeyvam joq lu'oSlu'?
> ST:  Hov leng
> TKD: tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom

maj, maj.

> TKW: ??tlhIngan tIgh

tlhIngan tIgh: SuvwI' DevmeH paq
(In fact, look on the title page.)

> KGT: ??qIb lengwI'vaD tlhIngan Hol

Everyone falls into that trap.  You just used a Type 5 noun suffix on the
first noun of a noun-noun construction.  TKD 3.4 makes that illegal.  The
correct way to say this is:

qIb lengwI' tlhIngan Hol
Galactic Traveler's Klingon Language

> CK:  ??jawlu'meH tlhIngan Hol

I usually use:

ja'chuqmeH tlhIngan Hol

Another possibility:

tlhIngan Hol ja'chuqlu'meH

> PK:  ??pe'vIl jatlhlu'meH tlhIngan Hol /
>      ?? tlhIngan Hol HoSghaj

This one's tougher.  I like your first suggestion, but without the
(apparently) unneeded /-lu'/:

pe'vI' jatlhmeH tlhIngan Hol
Klingon Language for Speaking Forcefully

Another, maybe even better title, changes things around a bit:

pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'meH
In Order that One Speak the Klingon Language Forcefully

> KCD: ??tlhIngan; De'wI' Quj

This is typically abbreviated KCD by KLI members, but its actual title is
"Star Trek: Klingon," and so

Hov leng: tlhIngan

seems to be in order.

> BoP: ?? toQDuj cha'bogh nav

maj.  pongvam vIparHa'.

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