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Re: tujpu'

ja' SuStel:
>My dictionary (American College Dictionary, 1966) has the following
>(relevant entries only):
>11. Gram. a. denoting action or state brought to a close prior to some
>temporal point of reference, in contrast to imperfect or uncompleted action.

Interesting.  I'd never seen the "brought to a close" idea mentioned
before.  If it's a common definition and/or understanding of grammatical
perfective, I suppose I should accept it as implied by TKD's description of

It actually sounds to me a little like a "change of state" idea which
should be carried by a hypothetical type 2 verb suffix.  When I really want
to express "brought to a close" explicitly, I'll most likely say
{-be'choH}, but I'll stop piping up when I see {-pu'} explained the way you
do it.

>Perhaps you are bothered by the fact that Okrand speaks of an action being
>completed, but says nothing about a state being completed.,,

I'm sure that's the cause of most of my discomfort.

>My conclusion: Klingon completion suffixes imply an end to the state or
>action of the verb.

And a well-supported conclusion it is, sir.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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