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Re: to' nech, 036: {SomrawlIj tIleSchu'.}

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> One of the things I find very hard to figure
> out even when I'm years into learning a language, is how/whether one-term
> predicates (X kroinks) can always/never/sometimes turn into two
> term-predicates (X kroinks Y) and/or vice versa, even then the predicate
> really describing the same action in both cases.

I don't have time to cite sources right now, but I can point out a few words
we've had confirmations (strong or weak):

"One-way" verbs:

X Dub Y
Y improves X

X ghor Y
Y breaks X

"Two-way" verbs:

mev X
X stops

X mev Y
Y stops X

tagh X
X begins
X tagh Y
Y begins X

So' X
X hides

X So' Y
Y hides X

There are certainly more (/pegh/ and /meQ/ require lengthy discussions).
There are also lots of words we don't know about yet.  (tlhe', DIng, for

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