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RE: to' nech, 036: {SomrawlIj tIleSchu'.}

At 13:25 2002-04-14 -0400, DloraH wrote:
> > K: SomrawlIj tIleSchu'.
> > Gloss: Completely relax your muscles.
>On PK Okrand says yIleS (I think), so I believe we would need a -moH on
>SomrawlIj tIleSmoHchu'
>"Cause your muscles to completely relax."

Oh, that makes good sense!  One of the things I find very hard to figure 
out even when I'm years into learning a language, is how/whether one-term 
predicates (X kroinks) can always/never/sometimes turn into two 
term-predicates (X kroinks Y) and/or vice versa, even then the predicate is 
really describing the same action in both cases.

So, for any given language:
* "she relaxes", "the neck muscle relaxes", but ?"she relaxes the neck 
muscle" (versus "she gets the neck muscle to relax")
* "the water boils", ?"I boil the water" (versus "I get the water to boil") 
much less ??"I boil the meat".
* "the engines stop", but ?"I stop the engines" versus "I make the enginges 
stop"; and sometimes one has to wonder about possibilities like "the 
engines stop themselves" versus "the engines stop".

Sean M. Burke

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