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Re: Yet another translation.

(Quotations from Alan Anderson <>)

>The meanings are not opposite.  They are complementary.

Well, yes.

>Note that I could have said:  "The meanings are not opposite, but they
>are complementary."  The phrasing without the conjunction has the
>appropriate emphasis for what I meant.  The phrasing with the
>word "but" seems somewhat weaker, and is not really what I wanted
>to get across.

Hmm, I get what you mean, but I wouldn't say that a "but" weakens the
sentence, on the contrary, I think it strengthens the second sentence:
"Not the first one BUT the SECOND one". It depends on how you say(speak)
it, but when written, I usually prefer the use of "but".
Maybe my understanding of english is wrong there(not my native
language), but I agree on not using "but" in this klingon sentence.

>In the {-taHbe'} and {-lI'} statements, I think both are equally
>important and a "but" between them merely detracts from the
>{-taHbe'} idea.

Yes, that's a point. Still, I have to say that I would like to insert
some conjunction in the written version. While the spoken sentence can
be understood through the use of correct pronounciation(that is,
indicating WHICH sentence is the "correct" one), the written one can't.


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