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Re: I'm the newbie

Hi every1 !

Nice to meet you!
yIvoq 'ach yI'ol seems to be a good advice - especially with 
tlhInganHol. I see that the Klingon language is not as descriptive as it 
seems from only reading Okrand's works ...
Thanks for the cultural illustration you gave - I understand the point. 
But: The way Klingons behave in coversation doesn't mean "stylistic 
tools" (don't know if that's the correct term) are obsolete. I heard 
that KLI did a translation of "Hamlet" (I don't own a copy). I believe 
there should be double negations in it. Perhaps one wants to check how 
these are resolved in the Klingon version ...
But I also see that in coversation the -'be'be construction is not a 
good one to use. Perhaps one of the best arguments is that the Klingon 
language (as the Klingon mind) should be thought of as "straight 
forward" .
Thank You!

You got my point!

Hi, man! Good to know there's someone available for stupid questions!
One of my friends here in GER also lived in NY for a long period of 
time. The way You respect your city is hard to understand for a German, 
I admitt. I hope the Americans together with the UN forces (the German 
"Bundeswehr" is at work, also) will be able to seriously kick some a** 
in the near future. But perhaps we should drop that subject here 
(although it's a Klingon one - in some ways). My prayers are with the 
people in NY!

I found the KLI 3 yrs ago. The postal course was a good guide for me. I 
would love to make contact with the German fraction of the KLI. 

Hi, buddy! Good to know there's another physicist around! Non-scientists 
always make me feel a little uncomfortably :-) When did you finish your 
studies and what is your occupation now?
I'm using the English version of the dictionary, exclusively. Thanks for 
the link anyways - I'll have a look at it.


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