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Re: "be'be'" - double negation

> ... Im first going to introduce myself.

Welcome to the list.  I am DloraH, currently serving as the list's Beginners' 
Grammarian.  It's my job to help the newbies.  Since you mentioned a rule, I'm 
guessing you read the FAQ, so I can skip explaining everything.

> you were talking about a double negation(be'be'). 
> ...
> Id like to know why you want to use "be'be' "? 

I find it interesting how this thread evolved.  The original question asked if -
be' could follow more than one suffix, ie:  muHoHbe'vIpbe'.  I saw no problem 
with that.  But somehow this got changed and people think I said it was ok to 
use -be'be'.
-be'{suffix}be' is certainly a special tool.  And -Ha'be', tho I do accept it, 
is certainly not for everyday use.


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