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Re: Unknown Words

Jedimuldoon wrote:
>I'm looking for tlhIngan Hol translations for these words:

Is this a name?  What's the source?  Try *{Sompeq}.




Is this a name?  Source?  Try *{morghatlh}.

>Tong Vey

I know this is place on Kronos associated with Kahless which Worf mentioned 
on DS9, but AFAIK Okrand hasn't given us an official spelling yet.  Try 
*{tong vey} or *{tong vey'}.






Is this a name?  Source?  Try *{bortetlh}.

There's also Boreth, the planet with a monastery where the Guardians of 
Boreth awaited Kahless' return.  It also has no official spelling yet, but 
I've seen *{boretlh} and *{bor'etlh} used.


qatlho'   {:-;

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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