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poH (was: RE: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq)

lab DloraH, BG:

:> I'm glad you didn't use poH.


: qatlh?
: nuq 'oSlaH mu' {poH}? nuq 'oSlaHbe'?

jang DloraH, BG:

: /poH/ is "period of time".

: "A period of time will drag your enemies past your door."
: This doesn't work.  Ok, sure, the time one spends waiting
: at the door is a period of time; but "time" here is refering
: to that continuous, linear* dimension.  /poH/ refers to only
: a segment of that dimension.

toH! muj'a' <<poH vIHutlh>> (I have no time)?
muj'a' <<bIvangmeH poH pup yIwIvchu'>>
(In order to act get your timing right/choose the time well)?


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