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RE: poH (was: RE: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq)

> toH! muj'a' <<poH vIHutlh>> (I have no time)?

"I lack periods of time."
Both languages are abbreviated the same way.  Really you do have time; you
just don't have enough time to do what the other person is asking of you.
But I can see poH working for this.

Qu'vetlhvaD poH yap vIHutlh
"I lack a sufficient period of time for that task."

And like english I could see it shortened to /poH vIHutlh/.

> muj'a' <<bIvangmeH poH pup yIwIvchu'>>
> (In order to act get your timing right/choose the time well)?

"Choose the perfect period of time for the purpose of taking action."

The english "choose the time well" is not refering to that continuous,
linear* dimension Time.  It is pointing to a single moment, a particular
minute or hour, a -period of time-.  So I see this one working as well.

DloraH, BG

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