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Re: pIn'a'

Re: pIn'a'

lab Will:

: As one who considered becoming a philosophy major and
: settled on having it as one of my three concentrations
: in a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree, I have to object
: to the idea of Philosophy being "knoledge science".

: If you go back to the etymology of the word philosophy,
: it refers to "the love of wisdom". Love is not science
: and wisdom is not knowledge.

: At the root of philosophy is the love of the thinking process.
: It is an exploration of the thinking process; the use of
: thought to explore all things.


: pe'vIl QubtaH *philosopher*.


>vuDmeyvam vIqelta':
>?Sov pIn'a' (=master of knowledge)
>?meq pIn'a' (=master of reason/logical thinking)
>?qech pIn'a' (=master of ideas).

jang will:

: Of these, I like {qech pIn'a'} most, but more than any other,
: I'd choose {Qubchu'taHwI'}.
: Philosophers never stop thinking, and they exhaust the process
: as perfectly and completely as they can. It is what they are
: compelled to do.

muQubmoHbej jabbI'IDlIj. loQ mumISHa'moH.
jISIvtaH. chay' "philosophy" mughlaH vay'?
{qech pat} DalajlaH'a'?


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