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Re: po'

Voragh wrote:
: Yet another option is {po'} "expert". Considentally, {pIn} is also
: slang term for "expert, authority" according to KGT.

 > Actually, KGT (p. 159) says:
 > "The nonslang term for an expert is *po'wI'* (literally, "one who is 
expert, skilled")."
 > The word {po'wI'} appears only in the text. It is not listed in the 
dictionary section.

Thanks.  I've corrected my notes.

>Because it is simply the verb po' with the suffix -wI'; and po' is listed in
>one of the word lists.

The noun *{po'} has been floating around for a few years.  According to my 
notes, Mark Okrand once inscribed Mark Reed's copy of TKD with {tlhIngan 
Hol po'}, which I interpret as "Klingonist" (lit. "Klingon language 
expert").  I don't have any source for this, so the story may well be 
apocryphal.  This was tentative evidence for *{po'} being a homophonous 
noun with the verb {po'} "be expert, be skilled".  (I also have a similar 
note for *{pabpo'} "grammarian"  (?) as "MO's inscription in someone's 
TKD?" which may actually refer to the same unconfirmed inscription.)

Now that Okrand has used the derived noun {po'wI'} in KGT, however, I can 
mark *{po'} as unconfirmed in my notes.  If Okrand did write *{po'} when 
autographing copies of TKD, he probably mis-remembered it.  We know that 
Okrand hasn't memorized the entire vocabulary since he doesn't use Klingon 
on a daily basis, and has to look most words up in the various 
glossaries.  (Those of us who have trouble memorizing vocabulary can take 
some comfort from this!)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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