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Re: Subject: poH (was: RE: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq)

DloraH, BG wrote:
> >:> That's my attempt at a restoration of the old saying "Time will drag
> >:> your enemies past your door".
> >
> > : On a good note, I'm glad you didn't use poH.
> >
> > qatlh?  nuq 'oSlaH mu' {poH}?  nuq 'oSlaHbe'?
>/poH/ is "period of time".
>"A period of time will drag your enemies past your door."
>This doesn't work.  Ok, sure, the time one spends waiting at the door is a
>period of time; but "time" here is refering to that continuous, linear*
>dimension.  /poH/ refers to only a segment of that dimension.

{poH} occurs as an element in the following words and phrases, all 
referring to discrete time periods of various lengths or kinds:

   {vatlh DIS poH}  century  ("hundred year period")

   {HovpoH}  stardate

   {leSpoH}  shore leave ("rest period")

   {puq poH}  generation ("child period")

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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