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RE: locations KLBC

jatlh Mog:

> nuquNEH!!!

> is it:
> jiH hobe' *sanfransisco* daQ

> for:
> I am unable to be at sanfransisco <or just 
> about anny other location>?

Not quite. You had a good start with the "San Francisco"-daQ, although the
suffix should be <-Daq>. Capitalization really does matter in Klingon - <q>
and <Q> are totally different sounds. <-Daq> is the locative noun suffix -
it sets up a place in the sentence for the action to happen or progress
toward. Nouns with <-Daq> always go at the beginning of the sentence,

Also, <ghobe'> (remember the g) means "no" as the answer to a yes/no
question. It is not used anywhere else. Generally when you want to negate
something, you use the verb suffix <-be'>. For example:

San Francisco-Daq jIH - I am in San Francisco
San Francisco-Daq jIHbe' - I am not in San Francisco

For the "unable" bit, you need to use the type five verb suffix <-laH> - "be
able" - and <-be'> to negate it. Here goes:

San Francisco-Daq jIHlaHbe' - I cannot be in San Francisco

Note, though, that this is a very weird thing to say. A few better
alternatives would be:

San Francisco-Daq jISaHlaHbe' - I cannot be present in San Francisco
San Francisco vIghoSlaHbe' - I cannot go to San Francisco
San Francisco vIlenglaHbe' - I cannot travel to San Francisco

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