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RE: DoSpu'?

jatlh Angela:

> Hi, I was discussing this off list, but I thought 
> I'd bring it up here.

> If my target just so happens to be a human, and I 
> happened to want to do a "scattered all about" plural, 
> would I have to use DoSmey and rely on context, or 
> does DoSpu' work at all similarly? (I don't want to be 
> making up grammar here...)

DoS vIwIvDI' romuluSngan vImaS jIH :)

Since the standard plural of <DoS> is <ray'>, <DoSpu'> would be rather . . .
weird. The only related example I can think of is Okrand's comments on
<mang>, <negh>, and <mangpu'>: <mangpu'> is correct, but it is rather
strange. It means "soldiers", just like <negh>, but it would be used when
one wanted to emphasize that the soldiers are individuals rather than a
group. So if you want to stress the individuality of your humanoid targets,
the go ahead and use <DoSpu'>. Since <DoS> has an irregular plural, <DoSmey>
would mean "targets scattered all about", whether they are humanoid or not.

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