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Re: Puzzling motion

ja' ter'eS:
>I was doing some translating the other day, and I hit upon a
>puzzler.  In light of the new rules regarding Type 5 suffixes
>and motion verbs, how do you say "Where are you going?"
>1. ?nuqDaq DajaH
>2. ?nuq DajaH
>3. ?nuqDaq bIjaH

4.  ghochlIj yIngu' :-)

In ST6, the Morskan border guard asked either {nuqDaq ghoS} or {nuq DaghoS},
which doesn't much help to answer your question.  The first one is strongly
suggested by the closed captioning, but the second one is closer to what I
actually *hear*.  Given the odd Morskan dialect, however, I'm not certain
that I am hearing what he's supposedly saying.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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