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Re: Qo'noS geography

This is how the KGT describes Qo'noS geography.

The Klingon Homeworld Qo'noS, usually rendered
Kronos in Federation standard, is a planet with basically one very large
mass of land surrounded by ocean; perhaps continent is a comparable
concept.  Within the land mass are distinct areas, some of which are
demarcated geographically (divided by a mountain range, for example,
while the boundaries of others seem rather arbitary, the result no
doubt, of ancient power struggles.  A specific area whose borders are
definable, is normally called a "Sep"
or district. Seps are subdivided into yoS (area)
which usually contain at least one important
veng (city).  The capital of Qo'noS is veng wa'DIch
(First City).

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