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Re: HolQeD and KLBC

jatlh malqa:
>It doesn't help because it assumes that I can already pick out out the
>parts of speech in a sentence (object,subject) and besides proper nouns
>and verbs.. I haven't a clue anymore. The knowledge assimilated in school
>is long gone /forgotten as I haven't had to pick out parts of sentences in
>30+ yrs.
>I need to start from the very basic again in Standard .The charts elude
>me. I need things written out as Marc R posted in order to learn it. A
>simplified listing ..the one in the book makes no sense to me. Some folks
>are visual learners and really need to *see* each lesson not just a chart.  
>I'm not giving up . .just frustrated cos I've got this block .

(translation below) qavup. qaQaH vIneH, 'ach qay'wI'lIj vIyajnIS. 
qayajchu'chugh, ben pab bIghojpu'bogh DalIjpu'. tlhIngan Hol pab DayajmeH, 
DIvI' Hol pab De' DapoQ. ghu'lIj Do'Ha' vIyajchu''a'?

I sympathize with you. I want to help you, but I need to understand your 
problem. If I understand you correctly, you have forgotten the grammar that 
you learned years ago. You need information on English grammar to understand 
Klingon grammar. Do I understand your unfortunate situation correctly?

- DujHoD

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