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Re: HolQeD and KLBC

ja' pagh:
> The prefix table is probably the single most intimidating thing about
> Klingon when you first get hold of it, but it's actually pretty simple.

it helped me, do spell it out completely with examples
like below...

> Every verb in Klingon has to have an appropriate prefix based on its subject
> and object. The subject is the noun that does the action of the verb, and in
> a Klingon sentence it goes after the verb. The object is the thing to which
> the action is done, and it goes before the verb.
of course, if you don't have a clear picture of the terms
"subject" and "object", it will take some time to get used to
applying this ...

maybe this is a very old-fashioned and/or very German method
of learning, but I basically learned the prefixes by learning
the whole mantra for a couple of verbs. I soon memorized them...

e.g. memorize

jIQong - I sleep
bIQong - you sleep
Qong - he, she, it sleeps
maQong - we sleep
SuQong - y'all sleep
Qong - they sleep

then memorize

jIHegh - I die
bIHegh - you die
Hegh - he, she, it dies
maHegh - we die
SuHegh - y'all die
Hegh - they die

do this for a couple more verbs and you're ready for

vIHoH - I kill him, her, it
DaHoH - you kill him, her, it
HoH - he she, it kills him, her, it
wIHoH - we kill him, her, it
boHoH - y'all kill him, her, it
luHoH - they kill him, her, it

and then

vIHoH - I kill them
DaHoH - you kill them
HoH - he, she, it kills them
DIHoH - we kill them
boHoH - y'all kill them
HoH - they kill them

and finally, fill in the gaps with

qalegh - I see you
cholegh - you see me

mulegh - he, she, it sees me
Dulegh - he,she, it sees you

pIlegh - we see you
tulegh - y'all see me

mulegh - they see me
nIlegh - they see you

Salegh - I see y'all
julegh - you see us

nulegh - he, she, it sees us
lIlegh - he, she, it sees y'all

relegh - we see y'all
chelegh - y'all see us

nulegh - they see us
lIlegh - they see y'all

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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