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Re: nID cha' attn:KLBG

"Mark E. Shoulson" wrote:
> >Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:31:25 -0700
> >From: Ben Gibson <>
> >Organization: Drakonian Aerospace
> >
> >I got my first copy of HolQeD the other day. On page 1 at
> >the bottom, it gives a phrase in tlhIngan Hol. Being
> >somewhat new at this I had some difficulty translating it,
> >as the first word appears to be a noun which is treated as a
> >verb. Is this very clever pun intentional or a typo?
> Typo; I meant to whine at Lawrence about this.  Actually in recent weeks
> he's used this phrase several times and managed to misspell at least one
> word more than once (not always the same word).  Don't be too hard on him;
> he's actually a very careful writer and editor, but his Deity degree hasn't
> come in the mail yet.  It should have been {mataHmeH maSachnIS}.
> ~mark

But, as it stands it is a great pun. Yes I know that "tach"
is not a verb. The english equivalent is only a verb in some
areas of the world. Even if unintentional, I still found it
hilarious. And it was the first joke in tlhIngan Hol I got.

I also came across an old one of chargwI' about how a farm
obviously acts like a great brain. But that is a cross
language pun.

Ben (DraQoS)

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