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Re: nID cha' attn:KLBG

>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:31:25 -0700
>From: Ben Gibson <>
>Organization: Drakonian Aerospace
>I got my first copy of HolQeD the other day. On page 1 at
>the bottom, it gives a phrase in tlhIngan Hol. Being
>somewhat new at this I had some difficulty translating it,
>as the first word appears to be a noun which is treated as a
>verb. Is this very clever pun intentional or a typo?

Typo; I meant to whine at Lawrence about this.  Actually in recent weeks
he's used this phrase several times and managed to misspell at least one
word more than once (not always the same word).  Don't be too hard on him;
he's actually a very careful writer and editor, but his Deity degree hasn't
come in the mail yet.  It should have been {mataHmeH maSachnIS}.


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