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RE: KLBC: Undoubtedly continue to..

jatlh ngghoy:

> 1. How does one say "You (!) undoubtedly continue to 
> cause to be difficult to her on this situation" ?
> *The exclamation marks the item to be emphasised.

I'm not sure I understand the English . . .

Also, the "to/for her" is not evident anywhere in the Klingon phrase under
discussion. Who is she, anyway?

> Somebody wrote: ghu'vam DaQatlhmoHtaHbej
> But this has "bej" (V6) coming after "taH" (V7) to 
> achieve UNDOUBTEDLY modifying CONTINUE. 

The <-bej> after <-taH> is just wrong. Type 7 always goes after type 6.

> Also, is there no need for a preposition to say "in 
> regards to/ on this situation"?

ghu'vam DaQatlhmoHbejtaH - You certainly continue to make the situation
difficult. The object here is <ghu'vam> and the important part of the verb
here is <QatlhmoH>. You (the subject) cause the situation to be difficult. 

And Klingon doesn't have prepositions, so I don't know what you mean.

> And how about emphasis? Would you put "soH'e'" 
> in the subject position of this sentence?

You could if you wanted to.

> 2. In comparison, how would one write "You clearly 
> and undoubtedly continue to cause to be difficult 
> to her on this (!) situation."?

Once again, I don't understand the English, so I have no idea what the
Klingon would be. Please clarify.

> 3. Also an experienced Klingonist wrote: qarchu'be' 
> To mean THIS IS CLEARLY INACCURATE. Perhaps this 
> should have been "qarbe'chu'", is that right?

I suspect the experienced Klingonist meant "It is not clearly/completely
accurate", or <qarchu'be'>. That's a very different thing from <qarbe'chu'>
- "It is clearly inaccurate".

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