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Re: Closed Captioning

nuQum Qel charlIS puqloD:
: While I agree with the sentiment that the Paramount writers often get
: the Hol wrong, I would like to point out that there are a couple of
: "cute" bits of dialogue that shows up in the closed captions that you
: might have missed without it.  The first is when the "artifact" begins
: to bleed and your faintly hear a multitude of klingon voices.  Watch the
: closed captioning and your will see  Hab SoSlI' Quch.  The second one

Ironic, in that this is a horrendous insult directed at someone's mother, and
that it is B'Elanna who has the smooth forehead (by Klingon standards, that

: occurs on the Barge of the Dead (I beleive it was when B'Elanna makes
: her first trip there). Among the things being said as background voices
: is a voice that says nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'.  Both of these had me
: rolling on the floor.

Agreed.  Not having Closed Captions is sometimes a blessing, since actually
seeing what the writers have done can change the whole feel of an episode. 
Clearly they just included several of the Useful Klingon Expressions from the
Appendix in TKD in the script for "atmosphere".  The background voices were so
muffled and distorted that you couldn't hear what the actors were actually
saying.  (This must have been a writer's joke, since the English translations
for all these phrases are printed on the same page.)

There were, however, a few cases where the actors were speaking Paramount
"Klinglish", that is, uninflected Klingon words in English word order.  For
example, the Klingon who jumped into the River of Blood (?) when the siren-like
*kos'karii* swarmed around the Barge said, "JIH QOY SOH" (which he pronounced
/jikoyso/), obviously an attempt at "I hear you".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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