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Re: mojaq <-jaj> <-ghach> <-ta'> je schrieb:
> qay'be'.  The Aspect marker {-ta'} has to show an action which is wholly
> completed.  The completion could be wholly accomplished already right now.
> But, because of the time stamp {wa'leS} the whole action will accomplish its
> completion tomorrow.

I remember this suffix with the homophone verb {ta'}.
Perhabs this is even Klingon ethymology :-)

{vIHoHta'} "I did kill him."

could be a shorter form of 
{vIHoH 'e' vIta'} "I accomplished that I kill him."

or perhabs
{vIHoH 'e' 'oH ta''e'} "it is an accomplishement that I kill him"

This does indeed sound weird in english, in Klingon, it makes sense,
don't it?


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