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Re: Translation

Mark Riser wrote: 

> What do you think would be an appropriate translation for "sheet music?" 
> The best that I could come up with was "QoQ nav." However, this may = 
> simply refer to the paper on which music is written, rather than an = 
> actual sheet of music. 

Noun phrases (N1-N2: where N1 modifies N2) work pretty much as they do in

  QoQ nav  "music paper" (a type of paper)

  nav QoQ  "paper music" (a type of music)

BTW, we know from "Star Trek: Klingon!" (the CD game) that Klingons do indeed
have some type of sheet music.  As his {cha'nob} gift to his nephew during the
latter's {lopno'}, Qua'lon gave Pok an expensive leather-bound copy of the
score to the opera {qul tuq} "House of Fire", a popular Klingon opera telling
the story of their House in the conquest of the colony world Taganika.  Both
Qua'lon and Pok belonged to {SepIch tuq}, the House of SepIch.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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