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RE: [KLBC]ghopoH

jatlh qultoQ:

> jItuH;

yItuHQo'. bIghojtaHvIS rut bIQaghba'. QaghlIj vIlughmoH, 'ej rut loQ jIqun.
'ach QaghlIj lughmoHlu'DI', bIghoj.

> *german* Hol pIj vIjatlhmo', *german* Hol je 
> *english* Hol je tlhIngan Hol vImIs;

Adverbials like <pIj> have to go before the object. Also, <mIS> is "be
confused" or "be mixed up", so you can't use it this way. You could say <...
*German* Hol, *English* Hol je vIjatlhtaHvIS jImIS>, though.

>>vDajbe' jIH. vItobHa'.

HIvqa' veqlargh. I point out other people's typos, so now I have to point
out my own: <vIDajbe'>, not <vDajbe'>.

> /it doesnt interest me. it prove \Ha'/\ ???

<Daj> means "be interesting", so this would have to mean "I be interesting
it", which makes no sense. But <Daj> also means "test inconclusively". Like
attempting to <tob>, but failing to reach a conclusion.

<-Ha'> is a rover verb suffix meaning "undo" or "do wrongly". When used with
<tob> here, it means "disprove".

I don't remember the context of the original remark, but the meaning is: "I
didn't test it inconclusively. I disproved it."

>>Daj... tlhIngan Hol Dalo''a'? tlhIngan Hol qel'a' Quj?

> is this asking /if itd be in tlhIngan Hol, and if 
> id consider doing so\?

It is asking two questions. The first is "Does it use tlhIngan Hol?" and the
second is "Does it consider tlhIngan Hol?" or "Is it about tlhIngan Hol?".

> 'oHchugh, vaj:
> tlhIngon Hol vIyajchu'qu'mo', vIqelbe';

> je chay' *God bless* ghap *Blessed be* mughlu'?

What do you mean? Do you mean "bless", as in "sanctify; make sacred; make
holy"? Or maybe the person or thing blessed will be fortunate, or fertile,
or healthy, or peaceful, or ...

Without knowing what you mean a little more precisely, I can't help with
that one.

Beginners' Grammarian

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