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Re: [KLBC]ghopoH

>Klingon does have some compound nouns, and it may be legal to combine
>to make new compound nouns. However, Klingon is *not* German. I tend to
>think Klingon is similar to English in that there is rarely a need to
>two words together into a new compound, and just leaving the two words
>separate words almost always works. In any case, sticking *five* nouns
>together is just really not a good idea.

*german* Hol pIj vIjatlhmo', *german* Hol je *english* Hol je tlhIngan
Hol vImIs;

>vDajbe' jIH. vItobHa'.
/it doesnt interest me. it prove \Ha'/\ ???

>Daj... tlhIngan Hol Dalo''a'? tlhIngan Hol qel'a' Quj?

is this asking /if itd be in tlhIngan Hol, and if id consider doing so\?
'oHchugh, vaj:
tlhIngon Hol vIyajchu'qu'mo', vIqelbe';

>> pIm 'ach lugh mughghaghwI' ?
>pIm nuq? jIyajbe'.

DaH lugh'a' mu'tlhegh?


je chay' *God bless* ghap *Blessed be* mughlu'?
The person is smart.
People are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals...
vel wa' ghot; QIpbogh Ha'DIbaHmey 'ej lImtaHbogh 'ej Qobbogh bIH

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