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Re: -ngan

ja' peHruS:
> writes:
><< ...
> The verb prefix {bo-} indicates a plural second-person subject.  That
> means the subject is "y'all".  {vay'} doesn't agree with {bo-}... >>
>lugh lalth qechmeylIj 'e' vIHarmo' jIngu'be'.

jIyajchu'be' 'ach ghaytan rammo' jIbItchoHbe'.

>'ach qatlh bIjatlh {vay'} doesn't agree with {bo-}?

The verb prefix {bo-} is used when the subject of the sentence is {tlhIH}.
{tlhIH} agrees with {bo-}.  {vay'} is not {tlhIH}.  {vay'} doe not agree
with {bo-}.  yaj'a'?

-- ghunchu'wI'

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