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Re: De'wI' Quj SeHmeH jan (KLBC)

jatlh pagh

> Welcome to the list, Nelson. My name is pagh, and I am the current
> Beginners' Grammarian for the list. Whenever you have a post you want help
> with, mark it for my attention with a KLBC in the subject line.


> Wow! It's not correct, but you have picked a lot of very useful tools for
> your attempt. <-chu'> is the perfect verb suffix to express "total control".
> You may also want to throw in a <-laH> ...
> What doesn't work so well is the <-meH>. It is a good tool, but used in the
> wrong place. <-meH> basically means "in order to", so you need to put <-meH>
> on the verb that express the purpose or goal you are trying to accomplish.
> In this case, the goal is "total victory". You've put it onto the action
> ("total control") that is taken to accomplish this goal.
> <yayna'> is a very good way to express "total victory" as a noun. The
> translations I have in mind all use verbs to express the idea of victory,
> but other people will have other ideas that are just as good.
> I'll wait a day or two to get any more detailed to give some other
> beginners' a chance to post their responses as well.
> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian

Thank you for your help and for the good word. Second try

yayna'vaD SeHchu'

Hopefully, I understood something of what you just said. BTW, I think its a
very good idea to post some not too hard challenge for beginners like me. I
hope there will be more.

Nelson Lamoureux
«Boire sans soif et faire l'amour en tout temps,
Madame, il n'y a que ça qui nous distingue des
autres bętes.»

«When belief in a god dies, the god dies.
When the last acolyte renounces his faith
and turns to another deity, the god ceases to be.»
    Harlan Ellison

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