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Re: -ngan

In a message dated 5/23/1999 9:36:46 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< ja' qultoQ:
 >\tlhI/ 'oSghach boSov'a' vay'?
 >[does anyone know the meaning of \tlhI/] is this correct?
 pab vIqeltaHvIS jIjang:
 The verb prefix {bo-} indicates a plural second-person subject.  That
 means the subject is "y'all".  {vay'} doesn't agree with {bo-}.  Either
 use a verb prefix that indicates a third-person subject, or make the
 subject {tlhIH} (in which case you can leave it off entirely, as it adds
 nothing to the sentence). >>
lugh lalth qechmeylIj 'e' vIHarmo' jIngu'be'.

'ach qatlh bIjatlh {vay'} doesn't agree with {bo-}?


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