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bom mu' - URGENT !

Once again, I post ...
I am in the middle of exams again (modular typical !) and have negleted by 
tlhingan Hol studies.  However, I wrote a song a that I urgentally need 
translating into klingon.  I had a go but it was beyond me.  Please help, my 
entire love-life is dependant on it !

<<picks up hapr and starts to sing :

I thought I'd send a letter, or even mail a card
But putting it in writting, it seem's so very hard
There is no word for my feelings for you
I have no idea of what I should do ...

I'm gonna tell her the truth tommorrow
I'll tell her the truth tommorrow
I don't want to do it now,
So I'll do it tommorrow, oh yeah ... 

With out you I'm burning in my own hell
I don't know what to do or who to tell
I spend my time wishing you were here with me
But when you are around I feel so lonely

Please mind the gap, you may fall, you see the creature, it runs off into 
it's lair, reflecting on it's recent behaviour.  Processing of data is not 
difficult, rather it is an organic activity of the heart.  "I get the Iccarus 
feeling" said the creature.  Yes I'm with you.  New trains, New electric, 
Please stand clear of the doors.

Sometimes my feelings get so intense,
I don't know why, it makes no sense.
No matter how hard I try, I cannot say a thing
It's very hard to write, and it's easier to sing

As the sun goes down, and the sky is filled with night
I'm sitting in my bed, I turn out the light,
I make my mind up, I'll tell her in the morning 
I'll sleep sweet dreams, until the dawning (of the sun).


I realize that the above might seem a bit monstrous to translate, but I need 
a translation quick !  I'll love you all forever if I can get a translation 
quick ! 


Nic Rutherford

ps - Good Luck !

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