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Re: mojaq <-ta'>

>>jatlh qultoQ:  wa'leS vIchoHqa'ta'; wa'leS QaQchoHta'.
>I'm probably just being dense, but adding qultoQ's translation to ghunchu'wI's
>explanation, I come up with:  "Tomorrow, it will again have been fixed. 
>Tomorrow it will have become good."  I may be stumbling over my own needlessly 
>literal translation, but I wonder why a Klingon would say it this way rather
>than simply /wa'leS vIchoHqa'; wa'leS QaQchoH/.  Hope I'm not splitting hairs.

wa'leS QaQchoH
"tomorrow it will become good"
- sometime tomorrow it will become good.  If I stop by too early tomorrow it
might not be good yet.  When should I stop by?  It might not be good until
late tomorrow.

wa'leS QaQchoHta'
"tomorrow it will have become good"
- by time tomorrow gets here, it will become good.  I can stop by anytime
tomorrow and it will be done.  It became good sometime before tomorrow.

If I ask when I can see it and you reply [wa'leS QaQchoH] I would have to
ask what time tomorrow.
If you reply [wa'leS QaQchoHta'] then I can see it anytime tomorrow, because
by then it will have already become good.


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