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Re: mojaq <-ta'>

At 04:04 AM 5/24/99 -0700, qa'ral wrote:
>>jatlh qultoQ:  wa'leS vIchoHqa'ta'; wa'leS QaQchoHta'.
>I'm probably just being dense, but adding qultoQ's translation to
ghunchu'wI's explanation, I come up with:  "Tomorrow, it will again have
been fixed.  Tomorrow it will have become good."  I may be stumbling over my
own needlessly literal translation, but I wonder why a Klingon would say it
this way rather than simply /wa'leS vIchoHqa'; wa'leS QaQchoH/.  Hope I'm
not splitting hairs.

Loosely rendering it, I got the sense "By tomorrow, I'll have changed it 
again and made it better".  I thought it was humorously ironic, 
acknowledging that most personal Webpages are never completely

The time-stamp {wa'leS} plus perfective is the key here.  To me, they
imply that by the time tomorrow has come, he'll have already changed
it.  Your alternatives are not wrong, the only difference is in the
emphasis on the completion of the action.  The first says that by 
tomorrow, they'll have been changed again.  Yours says just that you're 
going to change them sometime tomorrow.

-- ter'eS

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