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RE: mojaq <-jaj> <-ghach> je

jatlh ghunchu'wI':  Their use is described in TKD.  If you still don't understand them after reading the description, ask again.

jatlh voragh:  Specifically, pp. 175f. of the Addendum to the 2nd edition of TKD.

Sorry--maybe I should refrain from these kindergarten questions on the list, but just so no one thinks I'm too bone lazy to pick up my TKD, please allow for my being an ocean and parts of two continents away from my (still unopened) TKD, and I've never even seen a copy of KGT.

By plundering odd websites, I've thrown together my own /tlhingan mu'ghom/ (upwards of a hundred pages) and designed a very handy chart of prefixes, suffixes, and pronouns.  No doubt both are riddled with gaps like <-ghach> and <-jaj>.

I think I know a place where I can order the books.  (I'm uncreditworthy, so and the like are not an option.)  Now I just have to get there during store hours and wait a month for my order to come in.  (Maybe laziness *is* part of the problem, after all).

I'll file your suggestions for future reference.


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