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Re: eyes of kahless game; the long answer

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From: Flame 4 God <>
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Subject: Re: eyes of kahless game
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 21:55:25 -0700 (PDT)

pr'y you buy the drinks and are shamed, but the winner recieves a punch,
what a lovely game...

btw: how may i ask how many \be'pu'/ are on this list? just curious, as 
wondering whether tlhIngan Hol is a primarily /guy thing\ like getting 
really drunk then trying to play rugby in the highway and seeing how long 
you can hold a ciggerett but to your arm...?

The person is smart.
People are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals... >

be'pu' be female?  Well, you already know the answer to that.
I think you are partly right about Klingon (everything about them) being 
more likely to appeal to guys.  But as Worf is my faviourite character and I 
wish he acted more Klingonish, it apparently doesn't work for me.  I think 
maybe it is because they are so unhuman and hard to understand that they are 
so appealing.  In some ways (from a female perspective) they are 
disguistingly filthy, violent creatures, but they also have the deepest 
culture out of most of the ST creations, aside prehaps from Vulcan (that is 
up to debate).   This culture is focused around its warriors, and not just 
any warrior, but an honourable one.  There is a lot of logic in the Klingon 
way of life.  As I tried to learn and understand Klingons, I found that a 
lot of the stuff about them was similar to aspects of the Maori culture (not 
completely however, so don't go taking that to extremes).  So maybe I 
identify with them where prehaps other females might not.  Maybe, after all, 
I am special *cocks an eyebrow*.
P.S. Rugby?  You say rugby... may I ask where (on Earth) you are from.

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