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Re: No place like the Homeworld!

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Carleton Copeland wrote:

> QInwIj bojangchugh tuquvmoH!
> 1) After greedily devouring Voragh's report in the archives on "Klingon
Space" (/tlhIngan-Hol/1997/Apr97/0636.html), I wonder
what two years have added to our knowledge.
We know that Qo'noS has at least two moons - or rather, it did till Praxis
blew up. Based on the BoP 1.25 LY = ca. 1 loghqam ("space-step") I am
led to believe that the Klingon year is that length. I am also resonably
certain that the Homeworld's axial tilt is greater than that of Earth's,
causing extremes in temperature and weather that area reflected in Klingon


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