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No place like the Homeworld!

QInwIj bojangchugh tuquvmoH!

1) After greedily devouring Voragh's report in the archives on "Klingon Space" (/tlhIngan-Hol/1997/Apr97/0636.html), I wonder what two years have added to our knowledge.

2) Also, what do we know about the size of the /tlhingan wo'/ and the distance of the /tlhingan juHqo'/ from the Federation border and from Earth?   

Several web sources (all I have to go on at the moment) measure the /yuQjIjDIvI'/ at 10,000 ly "from end to end" and the /tlhingan RomuluSngan je wo'mey/ at around 7,500.  Maps tend to center /tera'/ and /Qo'noS/ within their respective spaces (natural enough for an expanding empire until it runs into stiff opposition).  One stellar cartographer, though, locates Qo'noS conveniently near the Federation border so that Worf & Co. can keep popping in for lunch.

Another web /Hovtej/ lives in a far more intimate universe.  "Of the all the real stars mentioned on Star Trek", claims Marcus Lindros, "all but three (Mintaka, 2500 light years; Deneb, 1900 light years and Rigel, 900 light years) are within 200 light years away from our sun".  He says that Gamma Hydrae (mentioned in TOS: "The Deadly Years" and "Star Trek II") is 130 ly from Earth and, for reasons unclear to me, concludes that this is also the approximate distance to Romulus and Qo'noS.  

I realize that speeds and distances are one of the thorniest issues in the field of Treknology.  
I love STVI, where Kirk is still settling into his digs when they rendezvous with the Klingon delegation "a thousand light years from Federation headquarters."  The resident /pIvlob po'wI'pu'/ can calculate how many months it took Kirk to unpack his bags.  A theory that makes sense of stuff like this will be the Star Trek equivalent of the solution to quantum gravity.

Voragh:  Spasibo za uteshenie, no ia konechno srazu ponial, kak tol'ko nashel to poslanie pro kalambury v arkhivakh, chto moi nakhodki dlia mnogikh daleko ne novosti.  Naverno luchshe, chto ia sam vse otkryl dlia sebia.


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